Keep Your Mind on Heavenly Things

Perhaps a Christian objection to pondering a political theory and spending time investigating the nature and utility of the State is as follows. “You really ought to spend more of your time thinking of heavenly things and not be so concerned about politics.”

I do not mind at all the intention behind this statement, or even the statement per se. For it rightly places the rotten world of politics on a lower level than theology. However, two things could be noted in response. The first is that God is the rightful King. Thus, authoritarianism in all its forms is an affront to God precisely because it is, by its nature, men proclaiming that they have the right to apply their own law to their subjects and rule over them. To focus on heavenly things is to advocate that God, not certain men, is the King. Politics is evil because it is the tool of the State.

And secondly, does not our libertarianism vindicate us? If libertarianism understands that the State is a menace and constantly calls for the State’s propagators to refrain from praising the State, perhaps we should think of our time as well spent. If politics is a farce and the State is a jealous and false god, does not this clear the way for us to focus on Christ’s heavenly Kingdom? The American Christian at large is distracted by the world’s Kingdoms. By adopting libertarianism, perhaps that distraction will disappear. We are not concerned about politics in the sense that we seek to master it for our goals. We are concerned about politics in the sense that it lays a heavy burden on the soul. Only Christ can alleviate that burden.

This is entirely consistent with our libertarianism.

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