May 19, 2014

John W. Robbins on “Christian” Bureaucracy

By In Blogs, C.Jay Engel

“The Biblical goal is not a bureaucracy staffed by Christians, but no bureaucracy. There should be no Christian Department of Education, no Christian Housing Department, no Christian Agriculture Department–simply because there should be no Departments of Education, Housing, and Agriculture, period. We do not need and should oppose a Christian Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms or a Christian Internal Revenue Service.

Some so-called Christians are engaged in a pursuit of political power that makes their activities almost indistinguishable from the activities of the social gospelers in the early and mid-twentieth century. This sort of political action has nothing to do with Scripture.”

–John W. Robbins (Legislative Assistant [’79-’81] and Chief of Staff [’81-’85] to Dr. Ron Paul)

Written by C.Jay Engel

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