Heroic Democrats, Doing What We’ve Been Begging Them to Do.

In response to the failure of the new gun control legislation, which simultaneously sought to undermine the due process for those not proven guilty of any crime, ClkO4h3XIAUQSGrCongressional Democrats are sitting on the House floor in protest. They are just sitting there, doing nothing.

Finally. After years of wanting politicians to stop doing bad things, to stop intervening into the economy, to stop sopping up the individual rights of the American (and non-American) citizens, they’ve finally subsided. It’s a glorious day in American politics, of course, and our only request is that they bravely and courageously sit there for days, weeks, months.

Let them set sitting records and let them Tweet photos and let them never give up. Bring them pizza, have their families visit them, send them portable DVD players. We are going to need porta potties, water, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

But for heaven’s sake, keep them away from pens and pieces of legislation.