Delighted for Donald

donald-trump-is-still-soaring-in-iowa--but-there-are-now-some-clear-warning-signsLet me be absolutely clear: I don’t support Donald, he– like every other contender– shouldn’t be President, and he would be downright horrific for the cause of liberty.

But part of me delights in his success, the extent to which he has cast fear and outrage throughout the political world.

Here is the thing: on the path from neocon (as I originally tended toward without knowing it) to “Constitutional Conservative” to full out libertarian, one goes from supporting the party line no matter what, to only supporting the “serious candidates who will turn this nation around,” to a certain sense of amusement at the circus currently on display. I’d say it’s a free show, but the taxes I just completed tell another story.

At any rate, many Christian evangelicals are coming out of the woodwork to “stand up” against Donal Trump, citing a variety of factors including his crudeness, his moral distaste, and his rejection of a variety of Christian principles. I can’t take them seriously. I mean, sure, Donald Trump is ethically not a good dude. But when these evangelicals lurch to National Review, which has become something of a Neocon central, to warn the people against Trump, my eyes begin to roll. They can’t support Trump, but by golly Dick Cheney and George Bush swept the evangelical front. I’ll tell them what: when they come out and express sorrow for the Big Government and socialist policies, including and especially the military interventionism, I might take their Brave Stand against The Donald a little more seriously.

Suddenly, wolves in sheep’s vernacular are concerned about constitutional principles, “freedom” (as they define it), and so on. But when a true constitutionalist who had with him the entire spectrum of knowledge concerning libertarian legal theory and actual free-market economics offered himself as the anti-statist choice, the GOP and neocon conglomeration came together with enthusiastic disapproval. And thus the brilliant and honest Ron Paul –a man of true principle– was cast by the wayside. So much for standing up against Donald and for “what’s right.”

In the meantime, Trump’s anti-establishment revolution, while destructive of liberty and sane thinking, is charming to the man up on the hillside reflecting on the circus. “As democracy is perfected,” as the great Mencken once wrote, “the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

The neocons and the GOP establishment don’t reject Trump because he somehow threatens the “moral fabric” of the United States; in fact, it seems to me that he is the current moral fabric consummated.

Rather, the neocons have had the GOP in a bind since Reagan let them in during his so-called “Revolution.” Donald Trump, it is true, represents the Old Establishment “moderate” wing of the GOP, which many populists considered to be an outrage against conservative principles. And of course, Donald Trump and the Eastern Establishment moderates, stand against true conservatism in every way. But the thing is, the New Establishment neocon wing of the GOP stands against true conservatism in their own right. You think National Review is the pillar of conservatism in the modern western world? Try telling that to Pat Buchanan and Paul Gottfried and the conservatives at The American Conservative Magazine, Unz Review, and so on. The neocons and the evangelicals that have so ignorantly taken the neocon drug, are so remarkably ignorant of the meaning of true liberty that they don’t even realize that the sudden GOP concern over Trump has nothing to do with his Big Government tendencies nor his lack of a moral code; but rather, it has to do with the fact that there is suddenly a prettier horse in the doggone horse stable.

The masses- dolts as they are– want to give Donald a chance. Of course it is silly that they have such a want, but it is equally as silly to support Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, or any other power hungry statist that “bravely” supports the neocon agenda. Hillary and Bernie are not the only enemies of liberty. The GOP is equally as responsible.

The delight that Donald brings to me has nothing to do with who he is, or what he claims he will “accomplish;” the delight that Donald brings is centered around the fact that he has exposed the political process as hilariously ludicrous and an embarrassment to the principles of liberty. Yes, Donald stands opposed to good morals and the freedom philosophy; but no more than the anyone else in politics. The difference, of course, is that Trump doesn’t hide it. He boasts of it! But why is it worse to pursue terrible policies while declaring them from the bullhorn than to pursue terrible policies from behind closed doors while your press agents lie about you for PR purposes?

Trump represents the fact that people only listen to the words of the politician, and refuse to look at their actions. Trump is shaking things up. And things need shaking up; even if done by a terrible man.

In a world where it doesn’t really matter who is President because Congress, the mass bureaucratic complex, and the armies of lobbyists threaten liberty on a daily and systemic basis, Donald is not our worst enemy. The state itself is.

In a world where it doesn’t really matter who is President, because the state is still expanding and will still be expanding in two years, I might as well laugh and smirk at those who take politics too seriously. It’s not a serious process. It’s a joke. It’s a grand display of statism in all its disgusting majesty. What we need is not “the right guy.” What we need is a disillusionment and an era of dissent and a mentality of property rights and anti-statism.