Coming Post on “Libertarianism, Civil Magistrates, and the State.”

The next few days, I will be expending most of my posting energy on what is turning out to be a very long essay on several themes that I have had to face or been asked to answer regarding political theory. I was originally going to make it an essay about the inherent conflict between “the Civil Magistrate” and “the State.” And I realized that this needs to take place in the context of a larger setting. Given its length, I may end up making it an Amazon ebook, but it will be free. The outline or section titles are as follows:

TITLE: Libertarianism, Civil Magistrates, and the State.

i. Introduction: The Need for Civil Order

ii. What Libertarianism Is

ii. Christian Foundations of Libertarianism

iv. Libertarianism as Propertarianism

v. On Conflict, Justice, and Civil Magistrates

vi. The State and its War on the Civil Magistrate

vii. Whether we Ought to Oppose the State

The reason for this announcement is to explain why I won’t be posting much until it is done, which won’t be long.

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