Clinton Supporters Are Not Afraid to Debate. They’re just…

This election season has been rather fascinating thus far, especially if you’ve taken comfort in God’s sovereignty — which I highly advise. I’ve especially appreciated the willingness of Trump supporters to engage in dialog, no matter how intense or malicious it might have been. Even if there was little progress, at least there was a willingness to pursue deliberation.

Clinton supporters on the other hand have turned callous and apathetic to the political process and to the wealth of criminal evidence against their favored candidate. Hillary Clinton could herself perform an openly egregious act far worse than Trump, and they’d be sure to spin it in whatever way possible to rationalize their obsequious devotion to a blatant enemy of liberty.

They won’t debate the finer points of their ideology or worldview because they know authoritarianism has already been established. They just have to endure the inconvenience of the election process — the only mechanism standing in the way of fully realized despotism. So, they’re not idiots or cowards for refusing to debate. They’re patient and confident in the system that now works in their favor.

There’s no legitimate oversight from the press, save WikiLeaks. There’s no effective oversight from the other branches of government either; they’re essentially obsolete. There’s certainly no oversight from the federal agencies which exist to serve only the interests of the federal government.

No, Clinton supporters are sadistic. They’re enjoying the dissolution of freedom and have no qualms with refusing to debate. What’s the point when they’ve already won?