June 13, 2014

Christie for Prez!

By In Blogs, C.Jay Engel


He dances:

It’s bread and circuses election time in America.

Should we have meaningful, intellectual debates about real problems?  No way. BORING. Let’s have a dance-off. Let’s make it an absurd and childish competition.

Gerald Celente calls it the Presidential Reality Show.

Christie is getting ready.

What makes this especially silly is that this is how leaders have to act in order to draw attention to themselves. Lesson one: politicians do stupid things to draw attention to themselves.  Lesson two: the multitudes will only respond to stupidity.

[Disclaimer: I’m against Christie for President. Obviously.]

Written by C.Jay Engel

Editor and creator of The Reformed Libertarian. Living in Northern California with his wife, he writes on everything from politics to theology and from culture to economic theory. You can send an email to reformedlibertarian@gmail.com
  • Patrick T. McWilliams

    Fallon is hilarious though…