Charles Hodge on War

Charles Hodge on War:

“It is conceded that war is one of the most dreadful evils that can be inflicted on a people; that it involves the destruction of property and life; that it demoralizes both the victors and the vanquished; that it visits thousands of non-combatants with all the miseries of poverty, widowhood, and orphanage; and that it tends to arrest the progress of society in everything that is good and desirable. God overrules wars in many cases, as He does the tornado and the earthquake , to the accomplishment of his benevolent purposes, but this does not prove that war in itself is not a great evil. He makes the wrath of man to praise Him. It is conceded that wars undertaken to gratify the ambition, cupidity, or resentment of rulers or people, are unchristian and wicked. It is also conceded that the vast majority of the wars which have desolated the world have been unjustifiable in the sight of God and man.”

Regarding that last line: Hodge wrote this in the latter half of the 19th century, before the greatest and most dreadful wars in modern history. If Hodge concedes that the majority of wars are unjustifiable before his time, how much more are the power-lusting States since the rise of Progressive Statism involving themselves in unjust wars? There is nothing good about war: it destroys the basic unit of society, the family, and also damages the economic potential of scarce capital, which is required to grow the economy and help those impoverished in the world. War requires massive taxation and inflation, lie and deceit-production in media and schools, and, perhaps most horrifically, takes the life of human beings who have no interest in the road to domination taken up by Governments who themselves are kept alive by outright theft and social interventionism.

And yet today, besides the liberals who pretend to oppose wars (when Bush is the leader) but historically have actually been mostly supportive, there are the so-called neoconservatives who take it upon themselves to play Messiah on the world scene and engage in ruthless attempts to manipulate the globe according to their divine decrees. Even more blasphemously, they have often done so in the name of the Christian faith, a faith that in actuality they do not hold, for by their fruits we know them.

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