October 24, 2014

Why Money Doesn’t Measure Value

By In Brandon Adams

Why Money Doesn’t Measure Value

Good short article from Robert Murphy explaining the subjective theory of value and how it relates to money. Ponder Mark 12:43 as you read it.

If any of this interests you, I highly recommend John W. Robbins’ lecture series on economics (note #8) (also on Sermon Audio)

Introduction to Economics, John Robbins (18 lectures)

  1. Common Misconceptions about Economics
  2. Historical Definitions
  3. History of Economics
  4. Method and Definitions
  5. The Axiom of Scripture
  6. The Economic Corollaries of the Axiom
  7. Opportunity Cost
  8. Subjective Value
  9. Marginal Utility
  10. The Law of Supply
  11. The Law of Demand
  12. The Functions of Prices
  13. Values – Moral and Economic
  14. The Ethics of Self-interest and Profit
  15. The Ethics of Competition
  16. Christian Theology
  17. Private Property
  18. Limited Government and Peace

Written by Brandon Adams

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