Bleeding Heart-Thick-Milquetoast-Left-Wine Spritzer Libertarians

I was asked to compile a list of my posts on the above-mentioned topic by someone interested in the subject.  Here it is.

Going through this exercise, I am reminded of how regularly I employ biting comments, sarcasm, and occasional ad-hominem attacks in these examinations.  On most other topics, I have tried to rid myself of these flaws (although an ad-hominem is not always a flaw).  However, on this topic, I usually let it flow.

Some wonder why I do this.  They suggest I will never get any of these authors to address my points if they feel attacked.  I don’t care if they address my points – I am not working to change the minds of the various authors.  They aren’t blind to the simplicity and beauty of the NAP; they choose to abuse it.  Or they are blind to it; in this case, I am no miracle worker.  I write in a strong manner to emphasize my point for the reader – nothing more.

In any case, the ideas of these authors are worthy only of derision.

Cato Institute

With Friends Like These… Roger Pilon and Richard A. Epstein of the Cato Institute defend the surveillance practices of the NSA.

CATO Questions the Fed Steve Hanke offers Bernanke advice on how he might better centrally manage monetary policy.

Cato Once Again Misses the Obvious Dalibor Rohac manages to write nearly 900 words on the roots of the current crisis in Ukraine without once mentioning the contribution of the Unites States government.


Go Along and Get Along Libertarians A faction of libertarians (very loosely applying the term) believes that there is hope in working within the system, that the intentions of many in power are good and that they only need to be influenced by better policy prescriptions.

Milquetoast Libertarians in Wonderland the first ever guest post at bionic mosquito; Alice from Wonderland fame examines the claimed benefits of a “Frank Underwood” type libertarian in politics.

Holists and Halfists Max Borders writes of the libertarian “solipsist. This person is content in the echo chamber, sometimes even being alone with his principles.”


More Milquetoast Another day, another suck-the-joy-of-liberty-out-of-the-joy-of-liberty article.  This one, from Reason, is entitled “Time for a Guaranteed Income?”  And sadly, it isn’t followed by a simple one-word, two-letter response.

Libertarian Surrealism Reason Magazine devoted its January 2015 issue to realism – in this case, realism regarding foreign policy and non-intervention.  “In Search of Libertarian Realism: How should anti-interventionism apply in the real world?”

Students for Liberty

Alexander McCobin at The Daily Bell Alexander McCobin suggests government actors really, truly have good intentions at heart; to think otherwise leads to improper solutions.

The Children Come out to Play Cory Massimino argues against Lew Rockwell’s claim that “Libertarianism is concerned with the use of violence in society. That is all. It is not anything else.”

Libertarian Safe Spaces Cory Massimino: “Feminist and LGBTQ communities’ idea of safe spaces is at its core libertarian….The libertarian vision of a tolerant, free society is really just one big safe space.”

Mark Skousen

Interview of Dr. Mark Skousen at The Daily Bell Skousen offers one government solution after another to several issues of the day.

Mark Skousen at The Daily Bell, Part III Rand Paul will be more successful than his father.  I guess…if you define success as something other than bringing more people to the philosophy of liberty and non-intervention than almost any other individual in the last 100 years.

Mainstream-Acceptable Festival of Freedom Freedom Fest as a tool to distract people from freedom.

Festival of All the Freedom Government Will Allow Skousen’s “Dream Debate of the Century at the 2015 Freedom Fest is between two Keynesian economists: Paul Krugman and Steve Moore.  This passes for a conversation of freedom, apparently.


Andrew Cohen, Bleeding Heart Libertarians

The Intellectual Offspring of Thick Libertarians Andrew Cohen explains “why libertarians—or at least minarchist BH-libertarians—ought to endorse parental licensing.”

Wine Spritzer Libertarians Andrew Cohen is out with a piece: “Should I favor the Abolition of Public Schools (or State-School Separationism)?”  He cannot bring himself to answer the question, let alone bring himself to the libertarian answer.

Kevin Vallier, Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Bleeding Brain Libertarians Kevin Vallier argues for military intervention against ISIS

Matt Zwolinski, Bleeding Heart Libertarians

Libertarianism: So Thick that it is Unrecognizable Zwolinski explains why libertarians should reject the non-aggression principle.

Libertarians, Thick and BIG Zwolinski advocates a “Basic Income Guarantee.”

Bleeding Hearts: Thanks for Nothing Krugman bashed libertarians for advocating a basic income guarantee.

So BIG That You Have to Wait Six Months Zwolinski once again defends a basic income guarantee, but he concedes that his reasoning in an earlier post (which I addressed in “Thick and Big” above) was his second best argument.  So he now offers his best argument – the first people to claim land seized the land.  From whom or what?  You will have to wait a few months for the answer, unless you want to pay for a subscription.

Richard Maybury

Richard Maybury’s “Uncle Eric” series, to the extent I have read a few of the books, is very good.  All of the following posts deal with his advice to invest in defense stocks.

Richard Maybury: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Richard Maybury: The Bad

Richard Maybury: The Ugly

Richard Maybury: More Thoughts on The Ugly

Richard Maybury at The Daily Bell

The Free Market Sans NAP?

Thank You, Lew

Nelson Hultberg

Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard were All Wrong! The title says it all.

What Would You Do if…? An addendum to the immediately above item.  What would you do if you had a slam-dunk, water-tight argument disproving both Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard?  Given the immortality awaiting any such philosopher, would you hide it behind a $20 book?

Jeff Tucker

Quite a Change in Standard? Shortly after leaving the Mises Institute, Jeffrey Tucker falls away from Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito.

Jeffrey Tucker and Liberty Me Tucker offers his “DO’s & DON’Ts for Talking Liberty.”

Some Libertarians are Not Nice People A very brief examination of Tucker’s libertarian “brutalists.”

When Cheating is (Reluctantly) OK Tucker defends the cheating by the teachers and administrators in the Atlanta schools regarding the test scores for students, comparing these teachers to farmers in Ukraine hiding a few morsels of food from Stalin’s henchmen.

Sheldon Richman

Thick Libertarians Leave Less Room in the Tent Sheldon Richman: “I continue to have trouble believing that the libertarian philosophy is concerned only with the proper and improper uses of force.”

Sheldon Richman Returns to Thick Libertarianism The basis for non-aggression is because individuals owe each other respect.

Sheldon Richman Takes Down Walter Block & Lew Rockwell? Richman offers “the most robust case for the libertarian philosophy” to include “other values that don’t directly relate to aggression (for example, opposition to even non-rights-violating forms of racism).”

Tibor Machan

Tibor Machan: Insightful and Confusing Mostly confusing.

David Boaz

Defining “Libertarian” Out of Existence “Libertarianism — the political philosophy that says limited government is the best kind of government….”  Also, Rand Paul is Ron Paul.


The Road to Thick Libertarianism is Paved With These Intentions A brief restatement of the role of property rights in a libertarian society.

Thick Libertarians Don’t Get it I suggest that thin libertarians are concerned more about ensuring that libertarianism is properly understood than they are about gaining more converts by diluting the philosophy.

Murphy Rothfar’s “Libertarian Estates” Murphy Rothfar and Lewis Rockman develop a libertarian community; some so-called libertarians feel that the homeowner’s agreement (drawn up by John Henry Hoppy) does not offer enough rules.

Mainstream attacks on Libertarianism

Where is Murray Rothbard? Apparently libertarians are the new communists.

The NY Times Hack Job and Milquetoast Libertarians An examination of the NY Times hack job on the Mises Institute and Ron Paul, and the joy taken by the milquetoasts in this event.

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