Ben Swann: The Origin of ISIS

Ben Swann is a great reporter and has the rare ability to articulate complicated political events in a way that makes sense and is easy to remember.  His most recent “Truth in Media” video was on the origin of ISIS, which has become the dominant talking point of American media and foreign policy.  As per usual, the American populous gets a twisted narrative, and in this case, that narrative is that the US government had been taking a hands off approach, which is what led to the rise of ISIS.  But as Swann points out, there would have been no power vacuum to fill if the United States had not destroyed the Iraq government in the first place.  This is the overarching theme that needs to be remembered in the Middle East. Everything is a response to decades of intervention and involvement in places where the United States has no legitimate jurisdiction. Most Americans think that 9/11 was a random and completely arbitrary course of action, but of course, it too took place in a historical context.

The other storyline that Swann presents is that ISIS received its training, weapons, and financing from the United States and US-friendly powers.  Especially after the pleading by neoconservatives like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to supply the Syrian rebels with weapons. ISIS, then, is the result of American foreign policy.  This is precisely what the CIA once described as “Blowback;” which is the unintended consequences of Government intervention in foreign regions.  Watch the video here:

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