Austrian Economics Research Conference

The Austrian Economics Research Conference is taking place this weekend at the Mises Institute.  The lectures can be watched live on their YouTube Channel. Below is the schedule, all times are in central time (Mises Institute is in Alabama).

March 12, 4:15pm Government Barriers to Economic Growth by John Tamny (This one is taking place now!)

March 13, 1:15pm Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and the Cryptorevolution by Patrick Byrne

March 13, 4:30pm The Next Generation of Austrian Economics (this one seems to be a panel with Per Bylund, David Howden, and Matthew McCaffrey)

March 14, 10:45am On Man, Nature, Truth, and Justice by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (I am especially excited for Hoppe, he is one of my favorite libertarian/economists and I appreciate his general epistemological approach to things and I largely agree, shaped, of course, by my more important Augustinian/Gordon Clarkian influence.)

March 14, 4:15pm When I Was Six by William Boyes



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