September 10, 2014

Apple is Making People Poorer!!

By In Blogs, Mitchell Thompson

This article is a prime example of the contemporary refusal to take personal responsibility for one’s own actions. Contrary to the article’s title, Apple Pay does not make you poorer. You make yourself poorer if you do not have the discipline to be wise with your own money. Apple’s innovation, whether or not is is new [that was for the anti-Apple android crowd:-) ] is for convenience for the consumer (and the NSA), but we do choose to use it or stick with the credit cards (or cash). And in any case, if you are reckless with your money, you make yourself poorer. Don’t blame Apple.

Also, this is typical Sunstein who, hilariously, also wrote an article against what he called “Paranoid Libertarians.” It seems he is now the one paranoid: A BIG CORPORATION IS MAKING YOU POORER!!  


Written by Mitchell Thompson

I was born and raised in Northern California where I was homeschooled. I became a Protestant (Calvinistic) seven years ago. I was also, starting in 2006, a Buchananite conservative until I met Ron Paul during the 2008 elections. From then on I read everything I could from the Mises Institute and am now satisfied as a Rothbardian libertarian. I am slowly becoming a more confessional Reformed Baptist. Hoping to get more and more involved on this site. My Twitter handle is @MitchRThompson. Cheers.