Apparently, there are three new Murray Rothbard books coming out

Justin Raimondo, who wrote the outstanding biography of Murray Rothbard (finally on Kindle), noted in a conversation on Twitter that there was a new publication to be released this year by the Mises Institute of Rothbard’s writings during the “New Left” phase (which was notably different, at least for a short period of time before Rothbard abandoned it, from the socialist Old Left –read the previous link).  And Raimondo also stated that he was preparing a “combative introduction” for it. Nice!

He then mentioned that that “there’s more — two more!”  “…[O]ne is a collection of columns from ‘Faith & Freedom,'” which was an Old Right magazine from the ’40s and ’50s.  Some of these can be found here and there on the Mises website. But now apparently they are to be republished. This is great, of course, for an avid Rothbard reader such as myself.

Lastly, Raimondo states that there is one more which is going to be a surprise.

Awesome times for the paleo-libertarian!

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