Apologies to Walter Block

With his permission, I excerpt portions of an email exchange with Walter Block:

Block: Dear Mosquito:

In this excellent article of yours: Mosquito, Bionic. 2015. “Wine Spritzer Libertarians” May 10; You say this: “Is there such a thing as a libertarian education policy?  Yes.  It is the responsibility of the parents (although Rothbard and Block might disagree).”

I think you are right that this is Murray’s view. But it isn’t mine. At least as far as I know. Could you please give me a cite to one of my pubs where I deny parental responsibility for education?

BM: Mr. Block

Thank you for the kind note.

I made this statement based on an assumption, as I have not read anything that you or Rothbard wrote directly regarding a parent’s responsibility to educate a child.

My assumption?  In somewhat different ways, both you and Rothbard strongly state that a mother has no responsibility toward her unborn child.  I assumed that as this is true for you, why on earth would you believe that the parent has any responsibility to educate (or even raise/feed) the child?  As my statement was based on an assumption, I conditioned it with the word “might.”

If necessary, I will get exact quotes of yours and build a more thorough reply – and will ask your permission to post all of it on my blog (including your original email).

As always, kindest regards

Block: Dear Mosquito:

Blog away.

I directly counter the view that “the mother has no responsibility toward her (young) child.” I explicitly state that she has an obligation, if she doesn’t want to care for it, to bring it to an orphanage, or some other such place (church, hospital) that will care for it. I say this here:

[Block goes on to list 8 – 10 cites on this point]

In my view, the mother has the responsibility toward her unborn child not to murder it. Although, she may evict it, even if it will die as a result.

I say this in dozens of my publications on abortion:

[Block lists dozens of cites on this point]

BM: Mr. Block

“In my view, the mother has the responsibility toward her unborn child not to murder it. Although, she may evict it, even if it will die as a result.”

This distinction always has and always will remain lost to me – to evict even if death is certain is murder; to evict into an environment where the child is helpless to survive is murder.  This demonstrates no responsibility from mother to child – very clearly.

I will gladly post your objection and comments at the subject post – however, I will disagree with the logic; this doesn’t mean I am right, of course, but I will disagree nonetheless.

Block: Dear Mosquito:

Ok, we only agree on 99% of everything. That’s pretty good.


Thus ended the dialogue.

“Pretty good”?!?!?!?  That’s great – for me; I am quite humbled by his comment.

I apologize to Mr. Block for misrepresenting his position; as mentioned above, I still do not – and cannot – understand his distinction regarding eviction / murder.  Nevertheless, I should have been more careful.

Beyond all of this, I will take 99%!