October 6, 2014

Abraham Booth (1788) on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

By In Blogs, Brandon Adams

The National confederation at Sinai is expressly contrasted in Holy Scripture with the new covenant (see Jer. 31:31-34; Heb. 8:7-13), and though the latter manifestly provides for internal holiness, respecting all the covenantees, yet it says not a word about relative sanctity [that is, being accounted externally holy, because belonging to the nation separated unto God]. And, indeed, how should it? Since by it’s commencement the whole Sinai constitution became obsolete; the partition wall was broken down; the special relation between God and Abraham’s natural seed ceased, and left no difference of a religious kind between Jews and Gentiles – no difference, in respect of nearness to God and communion with him, except that which regeneration and faith in Christ produce. For, under the present dispensation, “Christ is all and in all.’

We may therefore safely conclude, that were the Jews converted and resettled in Palestine, both they and their infant offspring would be as entirely destitute of the ancient relative holiness, as those Mohammadens are who now reside in that country.

Abraham Booth, The Kingdom of Christ, 1788

Written by Brandon Adams

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  • Mark N.

    Thanks for sharing Brandon. The bolded text is so true and yet it seems like so many simply won’t see it and continue insisting that the modern nation of Israel exists with a special mandate from God, and they take it even further projecting a duty on Christians to support it no matter what it does! I hope this post of yours is a small part of helping changing peoples minds!