July 18, 2015

Ep. 6 (Updated) Raeford Davis: A Personal Perspective on the Drug War

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Note: the previous audio recording for this podcast had numerous gaps and glitches throughout. These have been cleaned up. Sorry about that. Still learning. –CJE

We had a good time talking with Raeford Davis, who gave us a personal perspective on the Federal Government’s War on Drugs.

“I was misguided for participating in the war on drugs and my actions as a cop made things worse.”

Raeford Davis served the City of North Charleston police department for six years, including four years as a patrol officer and two as a special victims unit detective. At the time, North Charleston was ranked the 8th most dangerous city in America. Before becoming a police officer, he served in the United States Coast Guard Reserves. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Follow him on Twitter.

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Written by C.Jay Engel

Editor and creator of The Reformed Libertarian. Living in Northern California with his wife, he writes on everything from politics to theology and from culture to economic theory. You can send an email to reformedlibertarian@gmail.com