Slate Cheers for Proud Abortion Recipient

I was quite dismayed by an article published by Slate in which the title cheers on abortion recipient Rep. Lucy Flores precisely because she is a politician who doesn’t regret having an abortion.  The title itself is eerie in that it speaks of the abortion in a tone that obviously intends to normalize one of the most disgusting stains on civilization: “Finally, a Politician Admits to Having an Abortion Simply Because She Wasn’t Ready for a Baby.”  The word “finally” brings a substantial force that weighs heavy on the heart as it translates to: “this is the moment we have been waiting for! The future is here!”

It seems that the future is here indeed and it comes with great despair.  It is things like this that cause me to identify as a pessimist.

But the title wasn’t just that “a Politician admits to having an abortion,” which by itself would still be devastating to a profound degree.  Bragging that, “finally,” a member of the political class –the class that participates in the erosion of the rights to life, liberty, and property– admits to having an abortion is alone worthy of great distress.  It is shocking that killing off the unborn is something with which abortion enthusiasts can couple with the word “finally.”  And yet, the article’s title also brags about the politician’s reason for her abortion: “because she wasn’t ready for a baby.”  Translation: her life’s goals take precedence over the life (literally) of another.  Because she didn’t feel like having a baby at this time, the baby’s life must be cut short.  This is an outrage of unspeakable proportions.

The article says:

Flores admitted to the most controversial kind of abortion, the kind done simply because a woman does not want to have a baby at that time. Unsurprisingly, Flores was bombarded with abuse and shaming from anti-choicers.

It is interesting that the piece describes Flores’ justification for the abortion as a “kind of abortion.” This is misleading. One’s reason or motivation for removing the life of the unborn does not constitute a difference “in kind.” This rhetorical misrepresentation, I am convinced is, is no mishap. It too seeks to normalize the act of abortion and soften the natural disposition that so many still have against the murder of the unborn.  By calling it a “kind,” as in a kind of toothpaste or bubble gum, the sentence reads as if it was a day to day procedure that individuals shouldn’t overthink.  It turns the horrendous crime of abortion into a simple purchase of medical services.

Now, I did click the link to the alleged “shaming from anti-choicers.”  As a reminder, “anti-choicers” refers to those people in society who deny that people have the right to “choose” whether an innocent human being should live or die.  “Anti-choice,” while intended to be a smear phrase, is quite accurate.  I also consider myself anti-choice if the following was presented to me: should husbands have the right to choose whether their wives should live or die after marriage? I answer in the negative, apparently rendering me anti-choice; although I am happy with the phrase “pro-life.”

At any rate, I clicked that link so I could see a display of shaming-in-action. I will quote the commentary in full so that you too can read the “shaming.”  I have left out the section which simply quotes the news story.

A Democratic state legislator in Nevada is making waves for comments saying she does not regret killing her baby in an abortion.

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, a Democrat from Las Vegas, makes the false assumption that being a teen mother is incompatible with completing ones education or a successful career and gives that as the reason why she had an abortion and has no regrets about it.


Unlike Flores, most women regret their abortions and tell painful stories of how they are often unable to come to grips with taking the life of their child. Research proves abortions cause a multitude of mental health issues for women.

The pro-life group Life Dynamics says Flores is active and involved in the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

“Flores has been endorsed by Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates. According to Planned Parenthood Action, Flores has been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood and took part in Planned Parenthood’s Latino Outreach program in southern Nevada,” it said.

That’s it. Shaming. Where is it? you may ask. Not sure.

There are five paragraphs above. Paragraphs 1, 3, 4, and 5 are either true or false, there is no opinion, there is categorically no opportunity to “shame.” Only the second paragraph can be stretched so as to be interpreted as based on subjective experience; that is, it depends on the circumstances.  But still, there is no shaming, only the claim that Flores has made a false assumption.  Is calling someone out for false assumptions or logical leaps to be considered “shaming?”  No, there is no presence of “shaming,” which we have actually never had defined for us in all our years as recipients of leftist screeds.

Honestly, it is quite shocking that reporting on the comments of a politician is considered “shaming.” In our society of PC hysteria, even discussing the matter without a sign or sense of praise and adulation for the Progressive Position is considered “racist” or “sexist” or “homophobia” or, if a word hasn’t yet developed to describe the unapproved opinion, “shaming.”  You’d think it was a bad joke. But you’d be wrong. This is Real Life now. The future has brought despair.

This is even more frustrating given the subject.  Perhaps, being a pilgrim in this world and all, I can withstand being labeled all kinds of inaccurate things.  Perhaps it is just part and parcel of living in this broken and sinful world.  After all, was not Christ rejected from his people and did he not promise the same for his followers?  But the trend of being unable to stand up for the life of the unborn is a devastation.  The path that this culture is on, where speaking out against murder is a sign of “hatred” and verbal abuse, is not the path to liberty, to a bright and prosperous future.

It the path to the coming Age of Despair.  Let us be faithful Pilgrims, and pray for our children.

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