Homeschooling and the Radical Battle for the Minds of the Children

Children are born without the negative baggage of propaganda-ridden knowledge and grossly distorted historical and theoretical misunderstandings.  All that is to be understood about the world, that is, their worldview, is something that they must glean from the previously accumulated knowledge of others.  The question is, of course, what shall we teach them?  It is not so much “who” but “what.”  In a world where one event or topic can have hundreds of interpretations, which interpretation is king?

The history of modern civilization has revealed that the State considers the mind of the children as a particularly worthy “investment.”  But contrary to the State’s own claims, the anti-statist will hold that the State’s interest in the children comes far less from humanitarian reasons as it does from the ever-dangerous desire to impact the future of the child’s worldview, thereby ensuring the lasting legacy of the State’s own regime.  The battle for the mind of the child is an issue taken up by the State because, if they are taught at a young age that the Big Brother government is good, they will support it when they are old.  A worthy investment indeed.

But the parents and families of the child should not transfer this vital parenting responsibility so fast.  A “free and compulsory” education, while seemingly too good to be true, is indeed too good to be true.  Why?  Because A) there is no such thing as a free education and B) because the hogwash indoctrination received by the children can hardly be called education.  If the wealth of knowledge held by future leaders in a society is as important as we are told, which it is, then it is also far too important to be “taken care of” by the State.

This article, as Dr. Gary North pointed out here, is “the best article in National Review… in the last 40 years.”  Provocatively titled “The Last Radicals,” author Kevin Williamson makes the case the homeschooling movement is the “one authentically radical social movement of any real significance in the United States.”  Through harrowing legal battles, vicious social confrontations, and a plethora of secular hatred toward the movement, the homeschooling faction of traditional America has steadily grown as parents and teachers, much to the frustration of the State, are becoming more passionate about protecting the minds of the youth.

The secularist takeover of culture, together with the collectivist takeover of the political world (these two are no doubt connected), has threatened the very fabric of what made American great.  Families and friends taking care of each other voluntarily, distant from the coercive and damaging tentacle of the State.  This government pressure to horde children like cattle into the indoctrination camps confusingly called schools, has given rise in recent years to a healthy family-based dissent.  The colonial-era distrust in the tentacles of Great Britain is being revived.  People are questioning, as they ought, whether or not a “free and compulsory” education is really in the best interest of the intellectual future of both the children and the nation as a whole.

Keep it up you homeschoolers.  Continue to out-score, out-think, and out-perform the rest of them.  You are the future.  Your country depends on you.

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