Are Americans Stupid?

The Obama Administration, and establishment Democrats in general, were placed into hot water last week when Jonathan Gruber indicated that Obamacare was passed via some pretty deceptive means.  In other words, the Affordable Care Act was implemented only after a series of deceitful summaries and explanations of it.  The Republican rallying cry following the release of this video was an outrage that a bureaucrat would dare think that Americans were stupid.

But you know what? Gruber, snake that he is, is probably mostly right.  To what else shall we attribute the fact that multitudes of Americans were deceived by Obama?  There are many many people who like Obamacare, or at least they like what they have been told about it. Doesn’t this prove that they aren’t so smart after all? The proof of American stupidity is in the success of the Obama myth.  The proof is in the fact they so many Americans did believe the testimony of the crooks in charge. I’ll even do you one further: the proof of American stupidity is in the fact that the runner up to the 2012 elections was RomneyCare King and establishment Republican Mitt himself! (For those that aren’t aware, RomneyCare is essentially the blueprint for Obamacare’s individual mandate).

Perhaps it offends our sensibilities when we hear that the American society has been so dumbed down that we don’t know right from wrong and disastrous from beneficial.  But is the conservative really prepared to make the case that the American population is as relatively smart as it once was? That’s not conservatism, that is wishful thinking. No, we have been indoctrinated by the State through government schools and government media. We have given over our minds to TV shows and pop-culture singers like Justin Bieber.  The masses despise free markets, liberty, and Christianity; instead, they cling to socialism, moral relativism, and the two-party political structure, which itself is more proof of American ignorance.

Ben Carson, who is clearly preparing for a 2016 run at the throne, and who is a “counterfeit conservative,” expressed his own disapproval of Gruber by stating that

Only people who doubt the analytical ability of the populace would believe that giving people free phones and generous entitlements could purchase their loyalty forever. Only people who think the populace consists of morons would believe that they could keep delaying the employer-mandate portion of Obamacare until after an important election and that people would not realize that they were being manipulated.

But they don’t realize they are being manipulated!  And after four long dreary years of Obama at the helm, he was loyally re-elected!

The problem with Gruber and the Statists throughout both parties at large is not that they think the multitudes are stupid; it is that they think they have the moral right to take advantage of this stupidity by the means of Statist power grabs!  We are a stupid generation. The fool says in his heart that there is no God.   Have you seen the Ligonier results of the “State of Theology?”  Oh how far we have fallen!

We ought to admit that this culture is failing. We ought to admit that the State has been key in leading to the downfall of American society. We cannot go on pretending, as Carson does, that we are so great and brilliant. We cannot continue to inflate our own intelligence as a society.  We cannot improve if we do not first admit that there is a problem.  Look at the products of the public schools. Is this it? Analytical ability? The college graduates can’t even read!

Gruber and Obama and Mitt Romney and George Bush and Hillary Clinton (I’ll stop there, hundreds of politicians can be added) all think they can take advantage of the citizens of the United States (remember the Iraq war?). But in the last hundred years, they have mostly been proven right. The State does not see it as particularly challenging to present itself as savior. The masses are always duped; into war, welfarism, central banking, taxation, regulations, corporate subsidies, price controls, drug wars, wars on poverty, spying, and all kinds of other socialistic maneuverings.  If the majority of people really did oppose the evil deeds of the State, the State would have been overthrown. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with C.Jay that the State should not be overthrown by violent revolution, but that fact of the matter is that tyranny tends to produce violent revolutions. And yet instead far too many people in this country essentially worship the almighty state.

The State is made of a minority of people. The number of those who rule are always outnumbered by those who are ruled.  Therefore in the eyes of the State, the way to take advantage of the masses and still retain power is not to force them around and make them angry; rather, it is to convince them that they are free, it is to miseducate them, it is to reinforce a Statist worldview. Hence why States historically either outlaw Christianity (such as in Asian countries) or redefine and misrepresent it (as in Western ones).  The Christian worldview opposes Statism and prefers instead the idea that God, not the State, is sovereign.  States then have a early tendency to push for public education and the indoctrination of the young. Machen was right when he declared that “If you give the bureaucrats the children, you might as well give them everything else as well.”  Well, they got the children a hundred years ago, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush expanded the Education Bureaucracy, and now the State has everything else.

I am comfortable saying that Americans are generally stupid. I realize that it isn’t political correct. It’s a tough pill for the conservative to swallow.  But perhaps it is our self-coddling and “positive reinforcement” sociological environment that the State feeds upon.  The reaction to Gruber should not be like Carson’s. The reaction should be self-reflection and the motivation to learn the truth and spread it to whomever will listen.  If society is to break free from it’s own ignorance, there will be painful steps required.

Only then will we not be deceived by the Statists in charge.  And only then can liberty be restored.

In the meantime, turn off the TV and open a book. Encourage your children to do the same.

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