Ron Paul’s New Peace and Prosperity Institute

Most have already heard that Ron Paul announced his new Peace and Prosperity Institute last week.  The website is here.

Very exciting.  Focusing primarily on Foreign Policy, the RPI will include a summer school, which is completely consistent with Paul’s overall goals of educating the youth and the future generations.  As he has noted before, the revolution is one of ideas.  Ideas must be taught.

It will be headed by Paul’s foreign policy advisor, Daniel McAdams and includes such great libertarian scholars and advocates as: Judge Andrew Napolitano, Lew Rockwell, Walter Block, Robert Higgs, and Butler Shaffer.  It also includes the very able foreign policy analysts Michael Scheuer and Eric Margolis.

Of special mention is Congressman Walter Jones (Republican from NC), who stated in his speech at the opening of the RPI, that he will go to his grave in regret for that one vote which sent United States men and women into Iraq, a complete lie-of-a-war.  And also is Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat Progressive who, while not on board the limited government train, understands the dangers of a reckless American Foreign Policy.

I am excited to see where this goes.  If the Ron Paul Curriculum was the second round of the revolution, truly this is the third.


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