Lew Rockwell and Ryan McMaken

Nice little interview between Lew Rockwell and Ryan McMaken from mid last year that was posted as a transcript today on the Lew Rockwell column.  Here is an excerpt:

Which kind of brings me then to the other issue. Yes, OK, we know that if that one big factor then over the last decade has really been the decline of the intellectual power of the regular Conservatives, the mainstream right, as we would call it, but what else has gone over that time? And I think to really illustrate how much things have changed really over the last 10 years, I would just describe how things were 10 years ago when I was writing my master’s thesis. Part of the reason that they brought me in to teach this class is because it was with a lot of the faculty at UCD where I worked on my master’s thesis, which was on the topic of the anti-war movement on the American right wing. And so they just remembered me, that I had done that topic and done an intellectual history on the right wing.

But that was back in 2001 when I was doing most of that research. And I can tell you, back then – (laughing) – if you wanted to get information on the Old Right, on the anti-war movement in the right wing and all that stuff, you had basically maybe three options. You could go to antiwar.com, LewRockwell.com orChronicles magazine. And, of course, Chronicles didn’t have anything online, so you actually had to go to the stacks in an old library and photocopy old articles and that sort of thing. And, of course, that wasn’t Libertarian, although it had a lot of comment on the foreign policy issue.

And at that point, LRC was three years old and antiwar.com was maybe five years old, something like that. And so it didn’t have anywhere near the volume of information that it has now. And the Internet just didn’t have all of the stuff that it has now. And, yes, Ron Paul was obscure. I mean, your choices of what sort of people you would read, the articles you would have – there was no Tom Woods back then. You didn’t have Judge Napolitano on TV. You never saw Lew Rockwell on TV back then. And then, all of a sudden, in 2012 – I mean, just to compare the two years, it’s just amazing how completely different it is now, compared to 10 years ago.

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