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Bush’s Tyranny Continues in Obama according to John Glaser

Says John Glaser:

In a matter of four days, President Obama ushered in three landmark decisions that further institutionalized the Bush administration’s penchant for abridging civil liberties in the name of national security, all the while making us less safe.

What were the ways? (Glaser’s links)

1. Warrantless wiretapping on American citizens

2. Indefinite detention without charge or trial

3. Targeted killings of suspects by drone, without any pretense of due process (even if they are US citizens).  [Mostly done in secret]

Glaser finishes with the following:

It’s become almost trite to argue the continuities between Bush and Obama. But this week has been so detrimental to individual liberties and so favorable to never-ending, unaccountable secret war, that it’s hard to imagine we ever extricated ourselves from those dark days of post-9/11 tyranny.


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