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Anthony Gregory on Obama and Civil Liberties

If you’re a civil liberties advocate, and you have not yet voted, make sure you don’t vote for Barack Obama this year.  In what I would consider one of his best articles, Anthony Gregory makes the case that when it comes to Big Brother government and soviet style personal intrusions, Obama should indeed be given some sort of award.

Gregory says:

In practice, Obama has for the most part solidified Bush’s extremist detention policies and in some respects gone further. He did officially repudiate torture, but with enough loopholes that the abuses have continued – the beatings and forced feedings at Guantánamo and limited use of renditioning and black sites. The ad hoc Bush police of indefinite detention became formalized by Obama in May 2009 when his new doctrine of “prolonged detention,” and codified, even for American citizens, in the NDAA he signed this last New Year’s eve.

But don’t read it from me. Check out Gregory’s hard-hitting piece:

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