Against Bush

I have a problem with George W. Bush.

This is because Bush is the opposite of everything American was founded on and everything that I hold dear.  Bush is the enemy of capitalism, of freedom, of sound money, of free markets, of honest and humble foreign policy, and of conservative budgets.  Bush is the enemy of the Constitution, of the right to privacy, and of the historical (albeit not perfect) arrangement of federalism.  Bush is the antithesis of honesty and integrity in office (Is Bush a Christian?  Read this).  Bush made me realize that to stay in the Republican Party was to ignore the reality of the collectivist and fascist nation that the United States has become.

I don’t like Obama either.  I don’t like Obama because he is George W. Bush the Second.  Obama is liberal and Obama is dangerous.  Obama is George W. Bush the Second.

George W. Bush expanded the Welfare State to the greatest degree since Medicare began under Johnson.  He did this under the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003.  Yeah, but wasn’t that because of Democratic pressure?  Problem:  GOP had control of both the House and the Senate during that time.  So my case is not simply that Bush did nothing to lessen the welfare state (although that too would be completely unforgivable), but rather, that he was the means by which welfare and medicare expanded.  As Gary North noted, “[t]he fiscal killer of killers in Bush’s Administration was never mentioned: the prescription drug law that Bush rammed through Congress in 2003. It added at least$8.7 trillion to the unfunded liability of Medicare.

George W. Bush did absolutely nothing to address the expanding government –whether its domination in society or its spending.  Whereas Ron Paul is known as “Dr. No” for always voting no on bills which grow government, Bush should be known as “Dr. Yes.”  Laurence Vance explains:

But what about Bush? Like the Iraq—al Quaeda connection and those weapons of mass destruction, those Bush vetoes are nowhere to be found. So for those who still think that Bush has a fiscally conservative bone in his body, read the following statement slowly and carefully: During his first term in office, George W. Bush did not veto a single bill sent to him by Congress. Not one. This means that Bush shares responsibility with the spendthrift Congresses that have for the past four years squandered not millions, not billions, but trillions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money. To argue that Bush did not veto any bills because he was a Republican with a Republican Congress is ludicrous. Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter were Democratic presidents with Democratic Congresses and it didn’t stop them from vetoing bills.

Actually, the fact that there was a Republican Congress at this time only reveals the fraud known formally as the GOP.

Speaking of Vance, here he is on Bush and abortion:

I have seen it reported in several places that Planned Parenthood, one of the world’s leading abortion providers, received government grants and contracts of $350 million for fiscal year 2007-2008 and $337 million for fiscal year 2006-2007. I verified this information for myself on the Planned Parenthood website. I also discovered that Planned Parenthood’s fiscal year ends on June 30. This means that Bush the Republican was the president during this time. But after doing a little digging, I also found out that Planned Parenthood received government grants and contracts of $305 million (34%) during fiscal year 2005-2006. During this time we not only had Bush the Republican president but also a Republican majority in Congress. Yet, Planned Parenthood was still funded. And we are supposed to take Republicans seriously when they complain that Obama isn’t likely to appoint an anti-abortion judge to the Supreme Court? Why wasn’t the Republican Party that concerned about abortion when clinics affiliated with Planned Parenthood performed 264,943 abortions in 2005?

Read the rest of that article to discover the truth about abortion and the GOP.

What of his spending in general?  Mark Brandly informs in 2006:

Things have been getting worse recently. In the first five years of the Bush regime, federal spending increased 45%. Readers of may remember that they were warned about Bush’s fiscal irresponsibility before he took office. For comparison’s sake, during the eight Clinton years nominal federal spending increased 32%, and under Bush I federal spending increased 23% in four years. In the 2000 election, Bush II promised to shovel money into all sorts of programs — and he’s kept that promise.

Clinton closed the on-budget deficit at the end of his term (don’t get too excited; this means nothing.  For he stole that money from Social Security and was forced to borrow in order to pay those obligations.  And actually, this was a Gingrich scheme.  Neither liberal or conservative has a debating point here).  But Bush busted it wide open again.  In fact, the difference between Clinton’s deficit and Bush’s deficit was greater than the difference between Bush’s and Obama’s.  (Again, liberals cannot use this in their defense.  For it is implied here that the difference between Obama’s and Clinton’s deficit is greater than the difference between Bush’s and Clinton’s).

Bush’s TARP bailouts of the financial industry were about as fascistic as one can get.  As the conservative movement learns to despise the Fed (largely to the efforts of Ron Paul), they should learn to despise Bush to the same extent.  Bush only strengthened the Fed and used it as his tool for his cronyism.  For instance, the Federal Reserve expanded its balance sheet by more than a “t”rillion dollars (!!) in relation to the bailouts.  You sick of the Fed printing money?  Then don’t ignore the “leadership” of George Bush.  By removing the wealth from the taxpayers (by stealing the purchasing power of our currency), this amounted to a tax that was more destructive than a simple rise in the good ole income tax.  Today, we are in a Treasury bond bubble that, once busted, will prove to be the source of the government’s crash.  You can thank Bush and TARP for paving the path for that.

Bush also lied us into an unconstitutional, expensive, immoral, and dangerous war against Iraq and Afghanistan.  A group of radical and reactionary Muslims, angry at our support of tyranny in the Middle East, sought to get the United States back for their actions.  How did Bush respond?  By bombing a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks!  If this in itself is not a war-crime, nothing is.  He send welfare packages of taxpayer money to Israel to support their national expansion.  Israel, an incredibly socialistic and collectivist country, should not be the recipient of American taxpayer money.  That anyone would call themselves a conservative country and support such unconstitutional and socialistic activity is disturbing.

The war issue can not be overstated.  While I should not spend too much time in this post discussing Bush’s wars, I must remind the reader that Empire and War are the antithesis of limited government.  For over a decade we wasted money, lives, and precious resources on the American imperial pursuit.  America is worse off and in more danger now that we have handed over so much power to the central State.  This was all Bush’s doing.  War is the Government’s best friend.  “War is the health of the State.”

And what of the repeal of the fourth amendment?  The fourth amendment protections were destroyed with Bush’s PATRIOT act.  Suddenly, without a warrant and without proper cause, the private citizen was now subjected to the spying of the State and her armies. The PATRIOT act is misnamed and should, from here on out, be referred to as the “destruction of privacy act.”  This led the way for Obama’s extension of the act and his “Bushian” abuse of Constitutional principles and the foundations of a free society.

We should not forget the “No Child Left Behind Act” which centralized and expanded the Federal Government’s role in education.  By pumping in more government-standards, more money, and more corruption into the areas of life which impact youth the most, Bush’s “educrat” power-grab was one of the most hideous of all the Bush years.  As we seek to protect our youth from the tyranny of Government, we find that Bush stood directly in the way and fought against, not for, the conservative stance on education.  How dare the conservative overlook this in considering Bush!

He destroyed our justice system by ignoring trial by jury and innocent until proven guilty with his “war on terror.”  He destroyed our monetary system with his big spending and his support of the Federal Reserve.  He supported legislation which direct Federal Reserve resources into the housing sector.  He even appointed Ben Bernanke.

He mocked the ninth and tenth amendment by expanding the War on Drugs.

He gave away government grants by the billions (and trillions).

He bought on and acted on behalf of the global warming movement.

He created tyranny worldwide.

He supported anti-free-market, crony, government-mandated and corporatist trade cartels with trade agreements.

He vocalized his willingness to support increased gun control efforts.

If I was forced to mention one thing that he did right, I would probably saying lower the top income tax rate.  But then I would immediately recant by noting the increase in the inflation tax (via Federal Reserve money supply expansion) and the future increase in taxation via his decision to borrow much of what he spent, more than nullified a temporary tax cut.  In other words, rather than take the money direct from income, Bush decided to borrow the money on behalf of the taxpayers (thanks!) and also to print it (thanks again!).

Bush is on the wrong side of everything the libertarians, the conservatives, and the constitutionalists are fighting for.  He is as liberal as they come, as collectivist as Obama, and nearly as detrimental to freedom as one can get these days.  Big Government is his middle name but he has convinced many in this nation that his middle name is “Walker.”  Don’t believe it.  It is “Big-Government.”

George “Big-Government” Bush.  Rating: far worse than the GOP base wants to admit.

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