A Christian for President?

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. 

~Sinclair Lewis~

In one Christian Facebook group to which I belong, a member asked whether others thought we might someday soon have a Christian President.  He was hoping that such a man would put an end to the current, terrible, path on which this country travels.  This is false hope.  And it is false hope for two basic reasons.

1: It assumes that the professed faith of the politician will ensure that the actions of the man are consistent with liberty.  But historically in the Western World, it is usually the case that one’s faith is used for political posturing and democratic appeal while the political activities undertaken by politician are steps in the wrong direction.  For example, Woodrow Wilson, who came out of the liberalized Presbyterian denomination during the height of the Progressive revolution, was probably our worst President.  Not only did he unnecessarily drag the United States into a war that should have been none of our concern (WWI), he was also in office and aided to create the income tax and the worst establishment in the history of this nation: the Federal Reserve.  For more on Wilson, see Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book Theodore and Woodrow.

Moreover, the President who is responsible for police state fascism in our time is George W. Bush, a methodist.  I lambasted Bush here.  Before I became a libertarian, I was a Bush fan.  I was a Bush fan because I was an anti-Democrat.  Since 2010, I have realized that pro-Bush was not the opposite of anti-Democrat.  Rather, liberty was the opposite of the GOP’s and Democrat’s Statism/Socialism.  More importantly, the evangelical world was very supportive of Bush.  I was a conservative evangelical.  Therefore, I figured I must also be supportive of Bush. It was in 2010 that I realized that perhaps the most despicable stain on the evangelical world was its support of what is known as neo-conservatism.  The most devastating development in the evangelical world was its broad endorsement of socialism of the right.

There are, of course, evangelicals that did not give in. Here are two: John W. Robbins and Ronald Nash.

The point is this: it is more preferable to have a liberty-minded candidate than a professing Christian who uses the faith for political expediency but is at his core a liar and a statist.  It is immensely aggravating to see the my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ drool over liars and socialists like Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and others who profess with their lips but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  The Christian world, having proved that the words of a politician mean more than his voting record or yearning for truth (I think of Ron Paul here, standing up to Rudy Giuliani when the watching world expected him to stand down), have sacrificed liberty for power.  They wanted to be secure more than be free.  They forgot the wise words of the great J. Gresham Machen:

“Everywhere there rises before our eyes the spectre of a society where security, if it is attained at all, will be attained at the expense of freedom, where the security that is attained will be the security of fed beasts in a stable, and where all the high aspirations of humanity will have been crushed by an all-powerful state.”

In other words, being a professing Christian cannot be the only condition for supporting a candidate.  Some of the most statist actions have been undertaken in the name of Christianity.  The Christian who accepts that is well on his way to casting aside the false narrative of GOP vs. Democrat.

2. The second reason why this is a false hope is because it assumes that the solutions to our problems will come from the central government.  This is wrongheaded and the opposite of the truth.  For it is by central governments, always and everywhere, that liberties are restricted.  The power is so centralized and depraved in DC that the trend cannot be other than as it currently is.  It is structurally impossible.  The quest toward a more just society, which requires a freer society, actually comes from decentralization.  Currently, the political emphasis in this nation is in Washington.  Not only is this the opposite of the vision of (some of) the founding fathers (mostly, the anti-federalists including the great Patrick Henry), but it is also impossible to achieve liberty when the attention is focused on the very institution that removes liberty.

Rather, the solution comes by shifting the political emphasis to the local realm.  And no, looking at the State-level governments is not enough.  For not only are they remarkably corrupt, but they are also systematically (politically and financially) secured to Washington as well.  We live in a time of a dire need of secession and radical nullification. In order to pursue these peaceful methods toward freedom, the idolatry in Washington needs to be dismissed from our minds.  For more on this decentralizing method, see Joel McDurmon’s book.

In other words, we ought to be more internally focused on our own spiritual life, our commitment to the kingdom of heaven than to the kingdoms of this world.  The Great State in Washington relies on our constant attention and concern.  It is by committing ourselves to the truth, rather than the lies and false narratives of Washington that freedom can be restored.  A true Christian nullifier is better than a politician who dresses himself in sheep’s clothing.

Reject the desire for a better king.  We already have a king and he will return for his people.