Another year done! –Please Read

I’ve never been good at these types of posts but it comes with the territory –especially given the projects and goals on the horizon as related to this site.

It’s been three years since I started this blog, two years since I bought the domain, and one year since I shifted the site from a small wordpress blog to a GoDaddy hosted site.  And just this year, we hit our record for daily visits: over 2,500 in one day! Not too shabby for a small time, before-and-after work hobby.  Meanwhile, Brandon Adams, who I consider my co-editor by now (without his permission to title him such), has taken up an applaudable amount of hours in helping me articulate and develop both our stance on things like theonomy, and, perhaps where he has been the most helpful to far more people than just myself, in the realm of the difficult doctrine of Covenant Theology.

We released three essay-length ebooks so far this year, all them are available for free on pdf.  I am about 85% done now with The Reformed Libertarian manifesto, and Brandon and I are continuing to work toward a fall release of a full critique of theonomy, beyond the comments we have already made on the topic.

It’s been a lot of fun putting this thing together, trying to stay up with the current comments and responding to emails from fans and fanatics alike.  It’s been great getting to know my readers on a personal level and seeing which areas each of them have the most interest. One of my readers– and by now I consider him a friend– is even starting a great new blog on environmental issues from a Christian worldview, in light of his libertarian stance on politics. We’ll be linking to his new posts shortly after his site goes live.

I have also added two contributors to this site since the last time I wrote a fundraising post: Brian Jacobson and R Campbell Sproul. I enjoy reading their material and it was such a fantastic day when I discovered their great knowledge of libertarian theory and their commitment to the Reformed faith.

As we look now at another year, and all the things that are coming including the two books, many more essays, and even possibly a podcast (I bought all the equipment I need and at present, it is starring down at me from the top of my desk.  *Turns chair around to face the other direction*), I am grateful that I have a public outlet to voice my own thoughts and to continue to learn things.

However, it should go without saying that doing this isn’t totally without financial cost. In the next month I am anticipating needing to raise money for the following things:

-Annual WordPress package which includes my site theme, the special additions to this theme that we have access to because of the package, Google analytics, the unlimited storage space, and other related benefits. The cost for this is just over $300.

-Annual GoDaddy hosting package is about $50.

-For both our coming books, we have a copy editor that we will be using. Hopefully, the Reformed Libertarian Manifesto book will be completed at the end of May and sent over to him for review. When he does his work on both this book and the Theonomy Critique, it will cost around $1000 or so.

The above, plus the podcast equipment, plus the books that I order, read, and review for this site makes me realize that through this summer, I will be spending more than $1700 on the site (plus other unforeseen expenses). I would do it even if nobody donated. Why? Because I love it. It has become part of who I am. I have become known as “The Reformed Libertarian.”  I share the total amount and some of the breakdown only for the purposes of being transparent, so that you know where any money that you donate will be going.

This is my formal request: if you have the financial means, something left over from your budget this month, I would be honored if you could help me out on the projects related to this site. You should know I demand nothing from you and everyone is welcome to continue to read and enjoy this site. Even if no one donates, it will go on. But it would be monumentally helpful if I could share in the cost for some of these things. I do this every year.

This year, my goal is to raise $1000 dollars out of the above estimates for my expenses. Every little bit helps, whether it is $5, $25, or $100. Or somewhere in between. If you can donate, you can click here for the Paypal link (the link is also on the front page, right hand side). 

As more readers show up everyday to check out the website, I realize that there is actual interest here; there are people who really want to know about the intersections of Reformed Theology and Libertarian polity. I thank you for being part of that, whether financial or otherwise.

If you have any questions about any of this whatsoever, please email me at

Thank you so much everyone!

–C.Jay Engel; editor and creator